Introducing the all new FLEX ACv2.



FLEX ACv2 is a high voltage flexible architectural linear lighting solution providing up to 420 lumens per foot. The system is ideal for coves, corridor lighting, cabinetry, accent lighting, façade lighting and other indoor and outdoor architectural applications.

FLEX ACv2 luminaires feature silicone encapsulation with patent pending optical pigments for durability, reliability, industry leading color rendering and positioning on the Black Body Locus.

• 100’ run on one power feed
• Made to order in 6” increments
• ELV Dimmable
• 420 lumens/ft (3000K)
• Patent Pending optical pigment technology
• Proprietary Smooth Circuit Technology (S.C.T.™) reduces flicker to 30% or less, far outperforming the 100% flicker of all other flexible AC products on the market. 
• Silicone jacket material
• 90+ CRI

Preliminary Cut Sheet (PDF)