At Optic Arts your project is our passion. 

We are committed to becoming your partner and not just another vendor.  We believe in doing things well and with integrity. Our product line is designed around the needs of the specification community and tailored to utilize just the right technologies to keep our pricing friendly.

We strive to provide industry leading customer service, meeting your needs as they arise and resolving to always go above and beyond. Our team members are empowered to be problem solvers and we genuinely care about your project.

Our organization is designed to be innovative and flexible, able to turn on a dime to create new and customized solutions when what you need doesn’t exist yet.  When you specify our products we get excited.  When you require a custom solution, that's when we get really excited.  

When you work with us what you see is what you get – honest and upfront service from people who genuinely care about your project and your success. 

No surprises.


Built for Designers


Our product line is carefully designed around the needs of the specification community. Coming from lighting design backgrounds, the founders of Optic Arts have made this value an intrinsic part of our product development process. Through intentional crafting and relentless testing, we ensure that that our quality is top drawer. 

Priced for Distribution


Great technology falls flat if it prices your spec off the project. The proper application of technology is critical to what we do. We take great care to apply just the right solutions to our products. This careful application allows us to deliver astounding quality at reasonable prices. 

Innovative and Flexible


We'll even make products specifically for you. The  fixture above was designed for one of our customers, specific to their project's needs.