VintageDim® 2 is a dim-to-warm and variable white system that enables true dim-to-warm with custom curves on one 0-10V control circuit, or CCT and Intensity control on two 0-10V control circuits. All modes and features can be factory programmed but can also be programmed in the field using the accompanying smart phone application. Programming is achieved via NFC wireless technology.

Custom Curve Control

• Make commissioning and controlling your lighting scenes easier and quicker
• Control Dim to Warm on one 0-10V circuit
• Control CCT and Wattage on two 0-10V circuits
• NFC Wireless Control for security and project scalability
• Factory programmable or on site programmable

Compatible Products
VintageDim® 2 - Warm Dim Mode What's Old Is New

Optic Arts has embraced the familiar look and feel of incandescent lighting while leveraging new technology to allow you to custom build the perfect dimming curve for every application.

Dynamic Natural Lighting with VintageDim® 2 and Flex Dynamics Product Offering - see product selector.

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VintageDim® 2 - Variable White Mode Color Tuning for Health and Well Being

The quality and quantity of natural and artificial lighting has strong effects on our health, productivity, alertness, comfort and overall well being. Moreover, the color temperature in a space has a strong psychological connection to our experience of time and place.

Since the vast majority of us spend most of our time indoors, it is important that artificial lighting in a space embraces and takes advantage of the above effects. VintageDim® 2 Variable White Mode addresses this by providing custom color tuning and intensity control that allows you to utilize the features of natural lighting to create custom indoor environments to fit every application. Our simple two channel control makes it easy to create stunning, dynamic spaces with virtually any control system- from wall box dimmers to panel based systems.