Optic Arts Maintenance and Care of Lighting Fixtures and Accessories

Cleaning the light fixtures in a space keeps consistent light levels over time.

Tools you will need

  1. Lint Free Cloth

  2. Screwdriver (in some cases)

  3. Warm Water

  4. Mild Soap (Please do not use alcohol or ammonia)

  5. Ladder (when fixtures are not in reach)

Electricity – Be Safe

  • Turn off the Power Source

Before you start to clean, make sure the power source is turned off to prevent the possibility of electric shock. Allow time for the fixtures to cool down. Approximately 8-10 minutes, so it will be easier to work with.

Know your fixture materials and handle each separately

Indoor Metal Extrusions: All Channel Housings & Fixtures

  • Wipe fixture down with a lint free cloth. In a greasy or damp conditions, use a wet cloth but be sure to wipe the fixture dry to avoid water spots. Be sure to wipe in the length of the fixture to avoid streaking.

Lenses for Channel Housings & Fixtures

  • Indoor Acrylic and Polycarbonate lenses – A dry lint free cloth will do in most cases. If these are in greasy or damp conditions, use a wet cloth but be sure to wipe the fixture dry to avoid water spots.  Be sure to wipe in the length of the lens to avoid streaking and dry completely to avoid water spots.

Should the lens become dirty on the inside, remove the lens (indoor conditions only) and repeat the same process on the inside of the lens and replace back onto fixture.

Exposed Light Strips FLEX DC, Flex STP Indoor and FOT

  • Do not wipe these down with any cloth damp or dry. The best method is to use canned air to remove any dust and debris.  After the dust has fallen off the fixture, remove from the area with a cloth.

Outdoor Metal Extrusions– All Channel Housings & Fixtures

  • Use a damp cloth with mild detergent cleaner and wipe along the length of the fixture.  Do not remove the lens or end caps when cleaning this as this may damage the outdoor seal.

Silicone Strips and Housings: Outdoor STP, Outdoor FLEX DC, Indoor AC2, and Slot Fixture Lens

  • Used canned air to remove any dust or debris that may have settled on the strip. Since these are more robust than bare LED tape, you can wipe the area down with a wet cloth to remove any additional stains or debris.

A regular cleaning schedule is key to keeping output and color quality in the space consistent. If light levels are still inconsistent or there are fixtures that require a replacement, please contact Optic Arts customer care for support. customerservice@opticarts.com or techsupport@opticarts.com.