JA8 is a section of California’s 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards that defines requirements for high efficacy lamps and luminaires.



As of January 1, 2017, all lighting for new homes in California must be high efficacy.

Fixtures must be tested to meet JA8 requirements by approved labs and must be labeled as compliant once they have passed testing and been submitted to the state. 

Current Optic Arts® JA8 2016 Compliant Listed Products:

FLEX STP 20: 2750K
FLEX STP 40: 2750K, 2950K

FLEX DC 1.5: 2400K, 3000K
• FLEX DC 2.2: 3000K
• FLEX DC 4.4: 2400K
FLEX DC 8.8: 2400K, 3000K